Alexander Anderson

Catholic Monk, Champion of the Faith.


Phase One – Background:

Only Child.
Unwavering Belief.

Phase Two – The War:

Politically Ignorant.
For the Cause!

Phase Three – Novel:

Cleanse and Purge

Phase Four – Guest Star:

Frie-nemy – Whetstone Lynx

Phase Five – Guest Star 2:

‘I don’t die just because I am killed’.
Alone with his Thoughts.


Superb: Resolve
Great: Mysteries, Fists
Good: Alertness, Athletics, Endurance
Fair: Leadership, Survival, Might, Empathy
Average: Investigation, Art, Rapport, Contacting, Sleight of Hand


Smooth Recovery
Right Place, Right Time
Inner Strength
Iron Determination


Alexander was born to farmers living in the Chinese countryside, howver, tragedy struck and both of his parents were killed in a terrible accident. He had no relatives who could raise him, and it was only by luck that he was picked up by a pair of British missionaries who were living in a chapel nearby. He was their only child and was raised throughout his childhood in a strictly Christian manner. He was grateful to his adopted parents (he knew this as is was the only possible reason for their startlingly different looks) and launched himself fully into his belief in God, nothing could possibly shake it so. He was a quiet boy, preferring to study religious texts than make friends, it was this devotion that raised his esteem to his parents greatly, for they thought that if a simple chinese boy could be enlightened to the ideas of Christianity, then their mission was not fruitless.
His education was home-schooled, and he rarely left his home in Henan province, Dengfeng. However, misfortune seemed doomed to follow Alexander, his parents were killed in the Boxer rebellion, and he travelled the province in search of, well, anything. It came when he stumbled upon the Shaolin temple, hidden near his home. It was not in a good state, the constant war that China was in was slowly causing the collapse of the old ways. It was here he confronted the elders in the heart of the temple, for many a day he remained there, debating on the ideas of faith and belief in contrast with the actions modern countries used today. Alexander believed that many of the people had lost faith in what was true. Noone knows exactly what words were exchanged in the heart of the shaolin temple. but when Alexander emerged, he was still wearing his Christian Cross, but was also wearing the robes of a monk and had been accepted as a student in the order.

When the Great War erupted Alexander was graduating from his third discipline in the temple, he was a master at foot-work and fist-fighting, capable of taking on Four armed men at one time. The elders were pleased with his progress. but Alex could feel his calling taking him elsewhere. he left the temple on the eve of war and set out into the heartlands of China. it was here that he made a name for himself. Preaching the core tenets of Christianity whilst protecting the innocent, any innocent. he would be found one day protecting a chinese child from a russian soldeier, and the next day protecting a wounded Japanese man from a chinese mob. For in the eyes of Alexander, all men and women were the same, and should therefore be treated alike. he became known for his inability to die. Guns aimed on him would jam, bullets would miss and shells exploding nearby would somehow do nothing. alexander would not be swayed from his mission, and there was no force on earth that could prevent his voice from being heard. The politics of the War meant little to him. He had set his goal on helping China out of her dark days and the restoration of it into a stable country. He was solitary and travelled mainly alone, spreading his voice, his beliefs were a mix of Shaolin Buddhism and Christianity, he advocated peace above all, but did not refrain from force should he believe the cause was right.

Alexander Anderson and the Tenements of Fire

Alexander Anderson in an EPIC new adventure! In this episode our hero faces the greatest trials of his life as he goes face to face with the evils of Bolshevik Russia! Anderson works his way through the snows of Siberia on a mysterious quest, when he finds himself in the middle of a Russian civil war, surrounded by heretics on all sides, Alexander does what only he can do.

Whetstone Lix in ‘Breaking and Entering’ Co-starring Alexander Anderson:

In which Whetstone Lix infiltrates a top-secret experimental weapons facility and returns startling technology to the mysterious organisation known as Quen.
FEATURING: A tantalizing subplot in which Lix veers off mission and claims the ‘Personal Extreme Combat Aviation Device’ for himself.
INCLUDING: Our Oriental heroes meet face to face across a fiery abyss as the Speed and Skill of Whetstone Lynx faces off against the Unshakable Faith of Alexander Anderson. Who will win? Who will survive? Cold steel meets Burning Passion, in Breaking and Entering.

Jonathan St-Baron and The Rajah’s Lily, Co-Starring Alexander Anderson

In which Jonathan, in his guise as an officer of the British Army, goes to India with the troops as they’re withdrawn from the front lines. There he meets a corrupt prince who takes advantage of the homecoming men – and decides to show him what-for by stealing his beloved Lily gemstone!
BUT! Unknown to Jonathan, in the deepest jail of the Rajah’s palace lies Alexander Anderson, imprisoned to in an attempt to stop him from spreading his holy word he only has his faith to console him, in three days he faces the death penalty.. But Alexander Anderson doesn’t die just because he has been killed.

Alexander Anderson

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