Whetstone Lix

An exploratory type, famously utilizing a rapier and rocket suit to vanquish his enemies.


Fiercely Loyal, Deceptionist,
Agent of Quen, Survivalist,
Too Close to the Sun, Superior Lefty,
Seasoned Spy-kid, Man’s man,
Dutiful, Fearless

Superb – Combat
Great – Athletics, Alertness
Good – Fists, Resolve, Endurance
Fair – Survival, Deceit, Stealth, Leadership
Average – Academics, Might, Rapport, Investigation, Resources

On Top of It, Danger Sense, Saw it Coming, Personal Conspiracy, Amazing Jetpack

Phase 1:

Alix Kobayashi (born Yutaka Kobayashi) grew up part of a well-off Japanese family. Soon after birth his family emigrated to America. As of yet, Lix has never returned to his home country.

His father a prominent businessman, Lix was raised traditionally and was expected to eventually take over the family business. However, as a boy Lix was never particularly fond of his prescribed destiny and instead grew hungry for adventure. To his delight, he took up the modern Japanese martial art Aikido at the age of 6 at the behest of his father, thinking it would encourage discipline and level-headedness. His father was disappointed when at the age of 11, he discovered Alix taking Ninjutsu lessons behind his families back. After his detection and subsequent diminution, Lix reacted by taking measures to ensure his continual martial studies, deceiving his family further whilst continuing to get by as an academic.

Lix entertained few friends as a child, but was fiercely loyal to those lucky enough to win his allegiance. At 14, Lix challenged three bullies known to have terrorized his older brother at school. On their way out of the school gate, the trio were confronted by Lix wielding a wooden practice sword. Half their size, the three could not have predicted the state they would end up in a few moments later. This incident would end up being a turning point in Alixes childhood. The fight led to his expulsion from the school, despite his fathers best efforts pulling strings as member of the board of governors.

Despite being kicked out of school and disowned by his parents, Lix prospered over the coming months. News of his victory reached his Ninjutsu master and soon he was drafted into a secret organisation known as the Quen as one of their youngest ever members. Publicly, not much is known about the mysterious Quen group, only that they consider themselves ‘protectors of the realm’. In reality, many of the members exist only to serve their own interests – though Lix does not see this.

Phase 2:

Lix maintained a bond with his only sibling up until leaving the country at the onset of the great war. During the war, Lix worked as an agent of Quen and took part in many specialist missions. It was during this period that Alix earned the nickname Whetstone due to his legendarily sharp weapon of choice, the naginata. His most notable was also his biggest failure. In 1917 he took part in an assassination attempt of a notable world leader. The operation was not a success and the resulting backlash against his co-conspirators in the country not only left him fighting for his life, but also left him without any contacts, stuck behind enemy lines for the remainder of the war. Whilst trapped in Europe, he trained extensively in the use of a rapier, eventually coming to favour this over his naginata.

Phase 3:

Whetstone Lix in ‘Breaking and Entering’

In which Whetstone Lix infiltrates a top-secret experimental weapons facility and returns startling technology to the mysterious organisation known as Quen.
FEATURING: A tantalizing subplot in which Lix veers off mission and claims the ‘Personal Extreme Combat Aviation Device’ for himself.
GUEST STARRING ‘Alexander Anderson’: Alexander Anderson, on a holy mission to purge experimental technology from the hands of the Indian Prince comes face to face with Whetstone Lix. Discover the horrifying tale of how Whetstone Lix lost both his right hand AND his respect for insane Christian monks!

Phase 4:

Guest-starring in Jonathan St-Baron and The Rajah’s Lily

In which Jonathan, in his guise as an officer of the British Army, goes to India with the troops as they’re withdrawn from the front lines. There he meets a corrupt prince who takes advantage of the homecoming men – and decides to show him what-for by stealing his beloved Lily gemstone!
GUEST STARRING ‘Whetstone Lix’: Whilst investigating the corrupt prince, Jonathan chances upon Lix as he probes for a entry into his top-secret experimental weapons facility. Pace through the tedious exchange of information between Lix and Jonathan as they help each other achieve their respective goals!

Phase 5:

Guest-starring in Thomas Kemp and the Red Winter

After the Armistice, Thomas takes to an Allied air unit to aid the White cause as they attempt to oust the Bolsheviks from Russia.
GUEST STARRING ‘Whetstone Lix’: Concerned by Jonathan’s tip-off that not all members of Quen are what they seem, Lix nevertheless takes on a mission to Russia to relay with a Quen double agent and receive information regarding the Bolsheviks latest movements. Whilst undertaking the mission, Lix hitches a para-drop with Thomas Kemp in return for a personal examination and use of Lix’s ‘Personal Extreme Combat Aviation Device’.


Whetstone Lix

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