Thomas Kemp

flying ace, captain in the RAF, wearer of a dapper mustache (not pictured)



Knows What’s Up, I Make My Own Luck
Storming the Line, Whatever It Takes
Action Seeker, Taking Sides
Taking It In Stride; Hey, It Works
It’s All in the Timing, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


Superb: Pilot

Great: Resolve, Endurance

Good: Alertness, Rapport, Contacting

Fair: Leadership, Weapons, Resources, Engineering

Average: Drive, Investigation, Athletics, Survival, Fists


Personal Aircraft (Pilot)
Flying Ace (Pilot)
Smooth Recovery (Resolve)
Death Defiance (Endurance)
Danger Sense (Alertness)


Phase One:

As the fourth child of a family of five, Thomas learned from a young age that if wanted something from the world, he’d have to reach out and take it. His two older brothers became apprentices to his father, but Thomas didn’t have the patience for clockmaking. Throughout the day he explored the wild countryside, and by night he’d listen to the talk in the pub, until Nottingham held no more secrets.

Aspects: Knows What’s Up, I Make My Own Luck

Phase Two:

When news of the impending war reached Nottingham, Thomas, now 18, packed up his few possessions, kissed his girl good-bye and never looked back. He became a pilot in the RAF and after his first take-off, knew he’d found his place. His grin faded as the war ravaged on; each night when the pilots sat down for supper at mess, there were more empty places than at breakfast. The next day, those spots were filled by new recruits, many of whom lasted no more than a week.

He gained a reputation for recklessness, storming enemy lines when others would hold back, and he always flew too low to the ground. Thomas believed that he wouldn’t make it out of the war alive and saw no point in being scared about it. His number of kills rose and he became a living legend with the other aces.

Not all of his kills came at the distance of two planes in a dogfight. After crash landing behind enemy lines, he cut himself out of his burning plane with the knife his father gave him when he enlisted. Long story short, he had to stab a guy.

Aspect: Storming the Line, Whatever It Takes

Phase Three:

Thomas Kemp and the Red Winter

After the Armistice, Thomas takes to an Allied air unit to aid the White army as they attempt to oust the Bolsheviks from Russia.

Aspects: Action Seeker, Taking Sides

Phase Four:

Guest-starring in Alexander Anderson and the Tenements of Fire

Anderson works his way through the snows of Siberia on a mysterious quest, when he finds himself in the middle of a Russian civil war, surrounded by heretics on all sides, Alexander does what only he can do.

Thomas Kemp comes across what he can only describe as an insane Chinaman murdering Russians on all sides, and Catholic to boot. Kemp manages to persuade him that the Holy Grail lies far behind Bolshevik lines and thus sets this human weapon against the Reds.

Aspects: Taking It In Stride, Hey, It Works

Phase Five:

Guest-starring in Jonathan St-Baron and the Rajah’s Lily

in which Jonathan, in his guise as an officer of the British Army, goes to India with the troops as they’re withdrawn from the front lines. There he meets a corrupt prince who takes advantage of the homecoming men – and decides to show him what-for by stealing his beloved Lily gemstone!

Thomas Kemp is flying over India on a recon mission for the RAF when he is shot down by anti-aircraft artillery and crashes into the palace of the corrupt prince. Unbeknownst to him, causing a suitably large diversion for Jonathan St-Baron to steal the gemstone.

Aspects: It’s All in the Timing, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Thomas Kemp

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