Jonathan Saint-Baron

gentleman thief



Fiercely Independent, Nimble Fingers, Never Passes Up A Good Score, Mysteries of the Orient, Commonwealth Traveller, A Well-Deserved Robbery, Ulterior Motives, An Officer & a Gentleman, Soft Shoes and A Dark Suit, Person of Interest


Superb: Deceit

Great: Athletics, Burglary

Good: Stealth, Rapport, Sleight of Hand

Fair: Weapons, Investigation, Fists, Contacting

Average: Alertness, Endurance, Guns, Resolve, Resources


Criminal Mind, Mental Blueprint, Clever Disguise, The Honest Lie, Human Spider


Phase 1:

“Little Jonny” was born into a large, poor family in London’s east end. He bunked off school and chores and got into a lot of trouble. His parents were useless -father was a drunk, mother left him for someone else. Jonny and his five siblings had to get along on their own, for the most part. He started out mudlarking and doing errands, but fairly soon got to thieving and generally causing trouble in the gangs of street urchins roaming london. He was caught a few times, but feigning ignorance and innocence (along with a deft skill at pickpocketing keys from sleeping guards, and later, picking locks) kept him from staying in prison too long. He doesn’t trust people too easily, and the idea of loyalty is a slippery one, but he’s a survivor.

Aspects: Fiercely Independent, Nimble Fingers

Phase 2:

It may come as a surprise that Jonny joined the army to fight the good fight. But by this point, he’d been approached by agents of the Crown who had noticed this thorn in the side of law enforcement had better be taken care of. In a rare display of foresight, they decided they could put his skills to use in the war rather than killing him or throwing him in jail. Jonny was growing sick of London and sick of the same old thing – he’d yet to think big and imagine his first heist.

They promised him glory. He got exhausting training, trench warfare, and grim death instead. It was during this time that he found an officer’s corpse, still in uniform, and decided this was his way out of hell. A quick change, and he was calling himself Jonathan. The Saint-Baron he just made up; he’ll admit now over a brandy that perhaps it was too obvious, but so it is.

He took his new identity and gave it an air of sophistication, like the games of pretend he played with the street urchins when making fun of the rich. Only this time, people believed him. Jonathan took full advantage, and lied his way into officer’s clubs across the country, and soon across the globe. He got as far away from the war as he could, embittered by the fact that he’d been tricked into joining it. He travelled through the empire and beyond, spending time in the east especially – India and Japan were sources of great intrigue and he picked up numerous useful skills (which he doesn’t like to elaborate upon). Ironically, he now does the odd job for the Crown, but only on the condition that he gets to do it his way – and often taking a little extra for himself from a file-drawer or aristocratic pocket as payment for his trouble.

Aspects: Never Passes Up A Good Score, Mysteries of the Orient

Phase 3:

Jonathan St-Baron and The Rajah’s Lily

in which Jonathan, in his guise as an officer of the British Army, goes to India with the troops as they’re withdrawn from the front lines. There he meets a corrupt prince who takes advantage of the homecoming men – and decides to show him what-for by stealing his beloved Lily gemstone!
GUEST STARRING ‘Whetstone Lix’: Whilst investigating the corrupt prince, Jonathan chances upon Lix as he probes for a entry into his top-secret experimental weapons facility. Pace through the INTERESTING EVENTS between Lix and Jonathan as they help each other achieve their respective goals!

Aspects: Commonwealth Traveller, A Well-Deserved Robbery

Phase 4:

Thomas Kemp and the Red Winter

After the Armistice, Thomas takes to an Allied air unit to aid the White cause as they attempt to oust the Bolsheviks from Russia.

Jonathan St-Baron guest stars as the dapper gentleman Thomas meets in the Officer’s tent. They hatch a scheme to steal some plans from a Bolshevik leader, and find their way behind enemy lines. True men of action! However, Jonathan has his own reasons for doing this mission – will he betray Thomas? And will Thomas take matters into his own hands?!

Aspects: Ulterior Motives, An Officer & a Gentleman

Phase 5:

Whetstone Lix in ‘Breaking and Entering’:

In which Whetstone Lix infiltrates a top-secret experimental weapons facility and returns startling technology to the mysterious organisation known as Quen.
FEATURING: A tantalizing subplot in which Lix veers off mission and claims the ‘Personal Extreme Combat Aviation Device’ for himself.
GUEST STARRING ‘Alexander Anderson’: Alexander Anderson, on a holy mission to purge experimental technology from the hands of the Indian Prince comes face to face with Whetstone Lix. Discover the horrifying tale of how Whetstone Lix lost both his right hand AND his respect for insane Christian monks!
AND ALSO Jonathan St-Baron as the charming jewel thief who is being taught the secrets of stealth by a member of Quen. He is introduced to Lix as proof that Quen has interests outside of Asia, though in a quiet moment Jonathan warns Lix that Quen is not all they seem to be.

Aspects: Soft Shoes and A Dark Suit, Person of Interest

Jonathan Saint-Baron

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